Plastic in the house

Plastic in the house

Film Description 

“Plastic in the house” is a musical audit of everyday household items made from plastic. The ubiquity and utility of plastic in our lives is apparent through a growing list, from toothbrushes to wheelie bins, from pegs to laptops. Gradually the list becomes overwhelming for the narrator; the song gathers pace and the images jump quickly from one object to the next, reaching a crescendo and coming to a quiet, unsettling end.

Name of Director/ film maker 

The Plastic Highlighers feat. Kim Williams and Lucas Ihlein, with filmmakers WayWard films.

Artist Bio 

The Plastic Highlighters (Hazel Henchion, Harper Masters, Albie Muller, Elkie Peacock, with Jarvis Peacock) are a group of Wollongong kids concerned about the impact of plastic on the environment, and their future.

Kim Williams works with environmental projects using socially engaged art. Her most recent work is “Sugar vs the Reef?”, in collaboration with Lucas Ihlein. For this project, the artists worked with farmers, Australian South Sea Islanders, Yuwibara custodians and natural resource managers, creating public agri/cultural events to demonstrate transformative farming practices.

Lucas Ihlein uses socially-engaged art to explore human-environment relations. Major projects include Environmental Audit, The Yeomans Project (with Ian Milliss), Baking Earth (with Allan Yeomans), and Sugar vs the Reef? (with Kim Williams). Lucas is a student at Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation, and a researcher at University of Wollongong.