Home is in your body

Home is in your body

Name of Filmaker Tad Souden & Simon Lee

Artist Description –  Tad Souden is a local Wollongong Filmmaker who created this film in collaboration with local musician Simon Lee. 

Filmed, edited & coloured by Tad Souden. 

Soundtrack & mastering by Simon Lee.

Supported by Holy Pavlova

Shot on Kodak 50D Super 8mm Film Processed by Nanolab Melbourne

Film Description – 

Beginning in second round of covid lockdown, in winter 2022 when Simon and Tad were living together in North Wollongong.

Using their times to develop their crafts of filmmaking and making music the two artists collaborated to bring Home is in your body. A means to simply document and capture a beautiful phase of their  lives where they had the freedom and time to explore and focus on shared passions of music, surfing, and time in the wild.