A Walk Up Bellambi Creek – Lucas Ihlein

A Walk Up Bellambi Creek – Lucas Ihlein

Film Bio: Walking Upstream: Waterways of the Illawarra is a project involving “creek walks” undertaken in the Illawarra (the region surrounding Wollongong, NSW).

Friends, colleagues, experts join us for these irregularly-scheduled walks which begin at a creek mouth, and work their way upstream for as far as possible.

These walks generate experiences, and spin off into discussions, new associations, stories, maps, videos, found things, jerry-rigged tools, and whatnot.

This video shows aerial footage of Allans Creek and Byarong Creek, running from the sea, through the Port Kembla Steelworks, via the suburbs, to the top of the escarpment. Footage shot with helicopter (first section) and with drone (second section). Cinematography by Hayden Griffith from Phoenix Media.


Filmmaker/ Director: Kim Williams, Brogan Bunt, and Lucas Ihlein, with Hayden Griffith from Phoenix Media.

Film Maker Bio:Kim Williams, Brogan Bunt and Lucas Ihlein are artists from Wollongong, collaborating on socially engaged art projects with an environmental focus.