Hidden Harvest (HH) serves up a sustainable future by empowering people with the tools & forks to tackle food waste in kitchens at home. Australia uses around five Sydney Harbours’ worth of water to grow food that is wasted. The good news? HH transforms the problem of food waste into a delicious opportunity to cook up positive change. 

Through fun events, workshops and partnerships happening throughout the Illawarra and beyond, HH provides our community with the opportunity to see, feel and taste how delicious a sustainable food future can be. At Yours & Owls we like to highlight one of Australia’s most wasted food items: fresh bread.

Did you know that to produce one loaf of bread it takes 570 litres of water? The average bathtub holds 150 litres of water, which is the equivalent of a quarter loaf of bread. It is the epitome of the “fresh is best” mentality that leads to a massive waste of resources in our kitchens every day. These impacts can be reduced by storing correctly, freezing when needed and using stale bread in recipes.

Forget the green room- Hidden Harvest’s Bread Room is where you want to be. 

“Are you too wasted to have a good time? Come chill in HH’s Bread Room- it’s wasted too.”