Up and coming goth rock hailing from Wollongong. Year6Disco, a 5 piece eclectic Goth Disco group formed late 2018 have quickly found their place in Wollongongs local music scene with their intense stage performance and there hypnotising melodies and personas.Y6D in there short period of time have played more then there fair share of shows playing with acts such as Shonan Knife (Japan), Mere Women, Party Dozen, Top Nachos (USA) and of course Australian classics “Regurgitator” to just name a few. Year6Disco take on almost all genres and outfits and are not afraid to go after a sound that intrigues them! Make sure you catch them at your next local rock and roll show!

“Its like Devo meets… NIN… kinda? But then you have Year6Disco, I don’t know” – “6.66 – Local Band Smoke-out”