Tuff Mustard

Born out of a stolen keyboard and a broken guitar, Tuff Mustard are a 2 Piece Party Punk band from Wollongong. TM’s musical direction spans over a chaotic mix of electronic, punk and rap music to deliver what sounds like the fever dream of a child overdosing on red cordial.

Drawn from many influences, Tuff Mustard executes an over the top, balloon popping, spaghetti spilling live show that is delivered with comedic intent.

Once described as “The best New Year’s party you’ve ever been to, condensed into 30 minutes”, the boys have quickly transformed their recording project, into one of the Wollongong regions most energetic and unique live bands to explode onto the scene in 2019.

TM released their first E.P “Roadhouse spaghetti & other delights” in 2017 and have just released their first full length album “Ruff Custard” on Feb 23rd this year.