Party Dozen is a sonic partnership loosely based on improvisation between saxophonist Kirsty Tickle and percussionist Jonathan Boulet. Their debut LP The Living Man earned critical acclaim in 2017, including  ‘Album of The Week’ honours at Sydney’s FBi Radio amidst heavy national airplay (Triple J, Double J, RRR, 4ZZZ, 2SER).  

They’ve toured relentlessly ever since – each performance a trial of physicality and an expression of maximalism. Like the legendary Dirty Three, the members seem to meld into one mind, oblivious to the viewer. Tickle effortlessly navigates Boulet’s ever-shortening attention span and wild tempo changes; form gradually materialises from chaos.

Notorious for this challenging, unhinged and technically enthralling live show, Party Dozen have played Falls Festival, MONA FOMA, Dark Mofo and WOMAD and toured the country with Liars (UK), These New South Whales, Tropical F*ck Storm, Kirin J Callinan and Viagra Boys (SWE). 

The duo return with their second album Pray For Party Dozen in May this year – once again self-producing and releasing on their own label, Grupo Records. Tracks like the eponymous “Party Dozen” act as a bridge between The Living Man, where evil sample loops build the foundations upon which the duo erect a brand new temple of irreverence. 

Elsewhere, they flirt with electro-Krautrock (“Auto-Loser), stoner (“The Great Ape”) and even subtlety (“Scheisse Kunst”). It still sounds like Party Dozen, but somehow louder; more hushed; even wilder. Plus there are two songs with lyrics. It’s smart enough to make you move and dumb enough to make you think. But it’s not greater than the sum of its parts. There are no parts – there is only Party Dozen.