Today, Sydney producers GAUCI share their new single ‘To Save A Moment’ following the announcement of an East Coast single tour this February. With each release GAUCI delve deeper into their textured world of sentimental electro pop, laced in a romantic post-punk spirit. Written, produced and mixed by the group, ‘To Save A Moment’ is no different, uncovering new territories of the moody, cinematic synths and 808s that have built GAUCI a cult following. Listen HERE.

Together, Antonia and David Gauci and Felix Lush package inimitable pop smarts inside a tastefully nostalgic exterior, sitting somewhere between the sweeping, 80’s synth-pop of Future Islands and Chromatics, the soaring euphoria of CHVRCHES and the crying-on-the-dancefloor release of Robyn, all underscored by the continental spirit of Phoenix. The group’s immaculate production, palpably analogue with a contemporary, widescreen definition, helps them pull this out-of-time balancing act off and shows their mastery over their craft. 

Smouldering with uncertainty and passion, ‘To Save A Moment’ demonstrates the group’s ear for pace and atmosphere, patiently building its gentle melody into a sparkling climax that reverberates around Antonia’s pleading chorus in a monolith of emotional turmoil. 

The group say that “‘To Save A Moment’ is a song about desperation and disintegration, a reflection on how second chances aren’t always worth the worry. It’s that feeling of going round in circles to always end up in the same situation, no matter how hard you try to hold on to the feelings you used to have.” 

GAUCI’s run of previous singles, including ‘In The Night’ and ‘Paradise,’ has seen them support HatchieParcelsWorld ChampionG Flip and Alice Ivy, alongside festival appearances at Dark MofoBIGSOUNDSecret Garden and more. The trio’s polished, danceable live show, honed over a relentless touring schedule which included a sold out single launch for ‘In The Night,’ has also seen them nominated for Best Live Act at the 2019 FBi SMAC Awards and named by Junkee as one of the “Australian Acts Who Will Be Big in 2020.”