e4444e (a.k.a Romy Church) finds the term ‘experimental’ tough to grapple with. It seems like most electronically-based musicians get pigeonholed with this generic label these days. “I feel like experimental now implies a sound, or a type of music. I think it used to point towards people being free with themselves, using music as a river to express in, without the restraints of superficial judgement. Exploratory seems better now.” e4 has never been content travelling in the middle of the road, and his persistent search for new soundscapes and textures is what brings such awe and wonder to his compositions. 

With four EP’s and a handful of well-received singles under his belt, e4444e’s first full-length effort, Coldstream Road, is another piece in the puzzle of an artist who was described by FBi Radio’s Music Director, Amelia Jenner, as “one of the most exciting acts to come out of Australia in the last few years.” 

e4 has enjoyed success with a number of singles added to rotation on Sydney’s FBi Radio and Rage, as well as airplay on Triple J, Triple J Unearthed and community radio around Australia. Notably, his 2018 release, The Oarsman, was remixed by the legendary SONIC BOOM (Spacemen 3 / Spectrum / E.A.R. and producer/collaborator with MGMT/Panda Bear/Beach House).