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‘Kids Fallin’ In Love’ – Out Now

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Is there any greater feeling then falling in love…? That warm glow that folds us up into that magical place we all want to be in till our days end. In all its surreal, sublime splendour, this is evoked perfectly on ‘Kids Fallin’ In Love,’ the summer-kissed new single from Stone’s stunning DOPE LEMON project.

A warm, soulful new direction for Stone, ‘Kids Fallin’ In Love’ is Motown by way of a song to fall in love to and fall in love with. Stone’s voice here cracks warm and slinks its way into a love story. The sound of a man starry-eyed and glazed over with a kind of lost for words love.

“You make me feel things I ain’t felt in a long while,” his vocal kicks out magically along in the verse. Luxuriously floating in the feeling, he makes his way effortlessly. Stone’s production has never been so lush, or felt so wide-reaching, the space around him expanding with every passing second.

True, new summer love is Stone’s greatest muse, and ‘Kids Fallin’ In Love’ is testament to its power. Arriving at the tail end of a less hopeful year than most, ‘Kids Fallin’ In Love’ paints Stone as a welcome saviour, preaching the power of emotion, warmth, and connection.

“This is a little love song about coming back to that magical place you can go when you feel that warm glow around your heart again for that new very special human you have stumbled upon in your life,” Stone says of the track. “Allowing yourself to be loved & fall in love and all the good things to come with opening that door again. Enjoy friends.”

DOPE LEMON ‘Kids Fallin’ In Love’ out now via BMG, listen HERE





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Thu 27 May – Cornwall, The Watering Hole

Fri 28 May – Manchester, Dot To Dot Festival

Sat 29 May – Bristol, Dot To Dot Festival

Sun 30 May – Nottingham, Dot To Dot Festival

Tue 1 June – Glasgow, St Lukes

Wed 2 June – Dublin, Button Factory

Fri 4 June – Birmingham, Academy 2

Mon 7 June – Paris, Trabeno

Tue 8 June – Antwerp, Trix

Wed 9 June – Dusseldorf, Zakk

Fri 11 June – Hilvarenbeek, Best Kept Secret Festival

Sat 12 June – Berlin, Metropol

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Wed 16 June – Milan, Santeria

Fri 18 June – Barcelona, Bikini

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