Blackout Fun Club is a sad-girl good-vibe four piece who love to lay out a bitta South-Coast brand indie rock. With strong Aussie influences (Amyl & The Sniffers, Ruby Fields, TOTTY) BFC pair strong female vocals with experimental guitar tone and distinct stage presence to capture punter’s attention. Having just ticked over a year in the infamous Wollongong DIY scene, the indie rockers have revelled in providing the soundtrack to surfies, punks and artists alike with a unique set and a hungry attitude. 

Blackout Fun Club is comprised of Logan Ritchie on percussion, Ian Tennant on bass, Das ‘Bloke’ Soeriyadi on guitar/backing vocals and Ket Eichhorn on lead vocals. The band has continued to advance through the local scene, managing to charm the discerning Wollongong puntership with authenticity and enthusiasm as their core values. 

Their music is characterised by Ket’s unpolished and unapologetically loud vocal style, which pairs with Das’ signature guitar textures to create a sound that is the sum of their background as a couple of no-hoper coast musos. With the powerful rhythm support of Logz and Ian, The ‘Club has won the sympathy and affection of the locals and seek next to dominate the world. 

The true Blackout Fun Club experience means gathering up some mates and putting all you’ve got into having a good time. It’s cheeky, honest and has plenty to say. Catch them sinking drinks and reaching new peaks at Y&O 2020!