The year is 1996, a lone baby’s cry is heard through the Hospital corridors of south side Nowra private. Much to the amazement of the hospital staff, within hours of the baby’s life he is on his feet crip walkin, dancing and groovin around in his hospital crib. Big Twisty was born. 

Twisty found the knack for freestyling at an early age whilst shopping with his parents at the local shopping centre. Often Big Twisty’s parents would lose him whilst shopping and then find him in the middle of a group of people rap battling and taking them down one by one. It was clear that Twisty had something special. 

By the age of 21 Big Twisty had his rap arsenal primed and he was ready to have his name up in lights. In 2017 Big Twisty made his rap debut on stage at Yours and Owls Festival, featuring on a song with Triple J Unearthed winners GOSH. Big Twisty then locked himself away in the lab with critically acclaimed producer ‘Daddy Smooth’ to create his debut single ‘Cash Flow’. This single took off with the Wollongong community, and ejected Big Twisty into the local Hip hop scene. 

The stars all began to align and it was time for Big Twisty to construct a band of his own. Twisty went about hustlin the streets of Wollongong to form the funkiest, nastiest, groove machine of a band. By December 2019 Big Twisty and the Funk Nasty were born playing their first SOLD OUT show at LaLaLa’s Wollongong supporting Boom Child and Kesmar. 

“Best emerging Hip-Hop act in the game”- Snoop Dogg 

“One to watch”- Dre Dre 

In 2020 Big Twisty and the Funk Nasty split up the underground Wollongong Hip Hop scene, performing a SOLD OUT show at Teel Studios Bushfire Fundraiser, a packed North Gong Sunday session, and a poppin Strawberry Boogie at Uni Bar. These shows all received an overwhelming response, creating the unanimous decision by the general public that Twisty is indeed taking over the game. 

The King is Back!