White Blanks

White Blanks are a 3 piece combustion of atomic surf noise rock, consisting of Marcus Aiello (front man mic hogger and guitarist) // Sam Tyson (assistant mic wielder and bassist) // Kyle Squires (bongos).

Following their 2016 single ‘Get Better’, White Blanks took to stages at events such as ‘Shaka Fest’ ‘Yours & Owls Festival’ ‘Good Stuff’ ‘Jungle Love’ and ‘Beyond The Valley’.

White Blanks have received acclaim from artists such as ‘Dune Rats’ “5 unearthed artists Dune Rats Foam Hard’ – followed by being invited to headline the launch of Dune Rats x Young Henrys Lager launch in early 2017.

It’s White Blanks catchy melodies and chaotic stage precedes that has left audiences intoxicated and thirsty for more. With new releases just around the corner, White Blanks are set to quench!