The ‘stoner rock’ riffs of Wolllongong’s Tumbleweed inspired a whole generation of music lovers when they emerged in 1990s from the seeds of the Proton Energy Pills + The Unheard.

Originally signed to the revolutionary Australian independent label, Waterfront Records, the band’s debut release was a 7” single, “Captain’s Log”, recorded by Mudhoney frontman Mark Arm and legendary Seattle producer Jack Endino. With their single “Stoned”, an EP titled Weedseed and the single “Acid Rain” making them bigger by the day, the ‘Weed’s self-titled debut album (out locally on Festival Records) was released to massive praise and chart sales, resulting in a rather quick signing to the American giant Atlantic Records.

It didn’t take long for Australia’s major labels to realise that a national treasure existed in the five piece, after which Polydor Records became the recording home of Tumbleweed in ‘92. Tumbleweed released the (in)famous albums Galactaphonic and Return To Earth, all the while undertaking countless tours around the country as well as throughout the UK with acts such as Nirvana, Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr, Rollins Band, Iggy Pop the Lemonheads and even INXS !

Despite their chequered history with its many ups and downs including several band line-up changes, Tumbleweed has survived many an ordeal to prove that they’re still a force to be reckoned with. Sporadically releasing few singles since the releases of the Return To Earth and Mumbo Jumbo, the band hit back with a2009 comeback and the album Sounds From the Other Side