Frontman and guitarist, Harry — A.K.A ‘Sticky-Knees-Johnson’, is a multi-instrumentalist, narcissistic, mentally unstable, hipster wanker, self proclaimed family disappointment.

Banging on the ‘ye old drums is Rowie — A.K.A ‘Slippery-Fingers-Johnson’, spends most of his time un-ironically dabbing and aggressively high-fiving strangers.

Slapping away at the Bass Guitar like it’s your own booty after 10 squats, Conor — A.K.A ‘Mr Thunder-Thumbs-Johnson’, the backbone of The Tin Knees, not only a talented bass man, but also very good at crossword puzzles.

Pulling the boys in line, shedding it up on Keytar and Rhythm Guitar, she’s the heart and soul of the band, the sugar to our spice, the straw to our berry, the lighter to our rollies, it’s the one and only, Maggie — A.K.A ‘Mum-Jeans-Johnson’.