Born in the hazy start of 2016 four Wollongong rapscallions came together to forge sounds so unholy even the devil incarnate remains spooked. Stomping their way up and down the east coast during two independent tours on the back of their two EP releases (Self Titled and Suspicious Space Jams 2) through White Lodge Records. Their cosmic inspiration is derived from old school sources of noise making emotion spewers such as Alice Cooper, The Melvins, The Stooges and shows through their high octane live show in their disregard for their own safety, wild rampant crowds and spectacular gear malfunctions all fuelling their passion of leaving everything on the stage and a lasting imprint on the bewildered mind of the viewer. Over the last couple years the lads have shared the stage with current Aussie music high flyers: These New South Wales, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, The Gooch Palms, RAAVE TAPES, HOON and many more.