Fresh faces on Australia’s east coast and already starting their gigs in 2017 with their own SOOKFest pub mini-festival, SOOK is spinning up huge attention nationwide. As well as catching the attention of FBi Radio, 2SER and Triple J, SOOK have also nabbed themselves a spot on Happy’s Needle In The Hay 2018 finalist list. Beginning their song writing in late 2017, Cheyne Howard and Sarah Stuart’s combination of guitar and bass gives off huge Sonic Youth/Bikini Kill vibes. Poem writing and late night jams eventually led to frontwoman and close friend Macayla Schwartz bringing her stage performance and poetry into the mixture. They have been front and centre at countless shows across the state, supporting bands like Good Boy, Amyl & The Sniffers and Horror My Friend. Noted for stopping the room with a Sylvia Plath recital over swelling punk bass and discordant strums. Irrelevant honesty in their latest single slam the presumptuous and chauvinistic men of their past, and the angst and discontent with the modern female experience. SOOK is in a truly unique pocket, yet so much a part of the female-heavy punk & alternative ruckus that just won’t quit in Sydney. With their EP “The Cook Book” released in May, a recent signing to Sydney Indie DIY label White Lodge Records, and more gigs than ever before, SOOK are an act that will be throwing itself into your eyes and ears very soon.