SCABZ, The three-piece punk outfit are a driving force behind Australia’s DIY pub rock scene having shared the stage with The Smith Street Band for their inaugural Pool House Party and recently joining Frenzal Rhomb as their main support in NSW’s dirty and delightful RSLs. When they’re not passionately protesting for their beloved Victoria Bitter Co. to unblock the band’s social media accounts, they’re touring relentlessly, supporting politically empathic and sonically elating acts like The Peep Tempel and The Pretty Littles.

Politically charged, grating and funny as ever, SCABZ provide direct and unapologetic protest in the Mike Baird-defying ‘Locked Out’ and cowbell-doused tales of chasing tipsy smooches in ‘Beach Song’. Starting Lineis a testament to SCABZ technical and expressive growth, and guitarist and vocalist Siobhan Poynton’s increasingly thrilling style of guitar playing; SCABZ are closing in on a full, reckless and energetic sound that no other act in Australia can match.