His love of music started from early years in Siberia (Wollongong) when his old man Boris Schmeltzin would play air guitar in ripped y-fronts to Led Zep and Cream records.

Since then he’s played in psyche, grunge, doom metal, and slacker garage bands to very little success, but has had heaps of fun. Not discovering “das klub” until later in on life, he’s learnt that it’s where all the good people are generally found, and would prefer to be on a cooking D-floor than watching master chef.

He’s also one of the crew (yeaaa the boys + girls, you know who you are xoxo) that built the trance Mahal and Panoptes Palace at earlier yours and owls. Recently he’s started some low brow high fun nights at wollongong tennis club under the name of Anatomy. He finds a great pleasure in rare disco, early house, acid house, classic rave, tekkas, among the new house and techno on offer. Mainly, he’s just keen for a bag of cold cans with good crew, and giving a smoke machine a good rinse.