MEZKO are Kat Harley and Laura Bailey.  Coming from opposite ends of the country, a serendipitous meeting in 2011 forged an insatiable musical connection. Now based in Sydney, the multi-instrumentalist duo have since crafted MEZKO’s foundational sound; the collide of futurist pop and electronica whilst casting one eye backwards at post-punk and krautrock. The actualisation of this sound is cumulated in their first EP Polychronic out October 27. 

Driven by intuition and rooted in their thirst to devour all musical genres, the MEZKO sound avoids cliches and genre labels with ease. Their melange of motorik beats, harmonic riffs and hypnotic vocals are anchored by taut, melodic bass lines. This explosion of sounds is combined with thoughtful songwriting and technical prowess, resulting in a mesmerising experience.  

Laura and Kat bonded over their definitive influences – Kraftwerk, LIARS, Chromatics, Fuck Buttons and Holy Fuck. They then ventured down the normal band route and gathered musicians but quickly learnt that “what happens when it’s just two together, our heads and instruments, making music together – that’s the true MEZKO. Despite individually taking parallel musical journeys their connecting point was the same: krautrock. From there they went to their first rave and the bridge to electronic music was made. Holding on to their string instruments – guitar and bass, they organically combined genres. 

Polychronic is the amalgamation of these musical discoveries; a mesh of driving synths, clanging guitars and leather-clad vocals. Co-produced by Anthony Garvin, their music is simultaneously built for a dance floor and a battle cry embodied in “Steady On”. A track about being on the edge of a depressed phase, it focuses “on about the moment when you’re out of it and trying to hold on to the exit. You’re steady because you’re back,” say the duo. Poignant and relatable, MEZKO bring their vulnerability to listeners and take cathartic control of it by singing “steady on, that happiness”. They add, “these phases are super important to appreciate the positive moments and to accept that it happens; this is not the last time – see you again dark side.” 

From the sonically thrilling track and glittery, dark video for “Trust”, which premiered on Oyster, to the pulsating, rave track, “Everyone”, Polychronic sees the duo delve head first into an exciting and unoccupied music space created by them and for them.  

Garnering support from triple j and a regular fixture across local radio stations around the country for their singles “Trust” and “Everyone”, MEZKO have grown a diverse, energetic fan base through memorable live shows alongside King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Emma Louise, Mosquito Coast, Running Touch, Miami Horror, World Champion and Gold Class. They’ve also played Volumes, Blurst of Times, Purple Sneakers x Vivid and Perth’s Disconnect Festival. Named one of Purple Sneakers’ and Fashion Journal’s  “Artists to Watch”, this EP is the first taste of what’s to come from MEZKO.