Egyptian-Australian artist Kid Pharaoh is here for revolution and evolution.

Much like the work of childhood hero Kanye West, no Kid Pharaoh project sounds alike.

The Western-Sydney born artist’s discography bobs and weaves through displays of emotional story-telling through sharp lyricism and soulful sampling, while still managing to incorporate face rattling 808s and even a splash of R&B.

Pharaoh’s quest for the artistic glory has seen him take matters into his own hands.

The self-production, directing and designing of every aspect of his content has been the driving force of Pharaoh’s “New Dynasty”, a Dynasty driven by vision.

Currently on Wollongong’s South Coast, his energetic yet thoughtful live shows are a display of enhanced showmanship, a quality that has led him to share the stage with American act Duckwrth, as well as national favourites Thundamentals, Seth Sentry, Carmouflage Rose and more.

Pharaoh’s 2018 campaign has already been exposed to overwhelming critical acclaim through the controversial single “Jesus Looks Like Me”, an unapologetic anthem of cultural pride for his Arabic heritage.

The single has seen numerous Triple J plays as well as high rotation on Triple J Unearthed, with the song being included in Unearthed’s “Five Best Australian Discoveries of the Week” as well as “Best Songs of the Month”, seeing Pharaoh also named as a Spotlight Artist the week after it’s release.

Read reviews from Triple J staff about “Jesus Looks Like Me”:


“Hands down, this is one of the best rap tracks to come out of the year so far.” – Sandro Falce

“Conceptually rich and delivered with conviction and skill.” – Tommy Faith

“Incredible concept delivered with perfection”. – Declan Byrne

“Always been super impressed by this young dude’s work ethic but he’s taken things to the next level now” – Dave Ruby How

“This is smart, sharp and slick” – Celline Narinli

“Passion, conviction, lyrics, concept, production… HEAVY.” – Hau Latukefu