A wild Kato can easily be spotted in his natural habitat, the party. Wether he’s on the dancefloor with his shirt off waving that bloody tune towel around or behind the turntables mixing up the wildest records he’s managed to collect in his 20+ digging in crates all around the world. A true party connoisseur has seen Kato involved at some of the best nights and festivals Sydney has to offer including House Of Mince, Subsonic, Goodgod Super Club, Sydney Pony Club, Charades, People’s Club, Heavenly, Vibe Positive, Ghostly, Yours and Owls, Freda’s, Club 77, Spice, Field Day and his own parties Postcards From The Edge and Breakbeat Chaos.

His voice and music selection has also floated over Sydney’s airwaves via Fbi Radio for over 10 years and has recently been joined by the illusive Ben Fester. Kato finds musical inspiration all around the world from the jungles of africa to the urban jungles of New York, Chicago, Berlin, London and Detroit to the sun kissed beaches of the Balaerics, the discotheques of Italy, Scandanavia and the outer reaches of known space and time delvering the to the dancefloors where they will be cherished.