Los Labios

“What you get with them is a real, old school rock n roll show……..they sound like a dirty leather jacket!” Stephen Smith, former manager- Lenny Kravitz

English singer Sammy Taylor discovered at age 30 that his father, Silvio, whom he never knew, had in fact been one of Spain’s first underground rock icons. Sammy decided to return to his roots in Southern Spain, where he had not been since he was 2 years old. During a concert in Seville in 2014, Sammy met up with well renowned rock ‘n roll guitarist, Charlie Cepeda, and something clicked!

After watching each other perform, they swapped numbers. And then a very strange thing happened…. It turns out that Charlie was the son of the legendary Sevillian guitar player, Carlos Cepeda, the leader of the underground rhythm and blues band “Entresuelos”, who had occasionally collaborated with Silvio. Silvio was often in the home of Charlie as he was growing up and so their meeting was truly serendipitous.

Los Labios was born out of that connection and features the pair, both as frontmen and also as long lost brothers, together in what is now the new generation of rock ‘n roll. Charlie then brought in the powerhouse rhythm section of Ricky Candela and Fernando Reina. With Nacho Sarria on rhythm guitar, the line-up of the band was complete. The first year, they did what bands do and began writing and performing, quickly entering the industry in Spain, where they were awarded Best Live Act and Best New Act 2015 (source) This was followed by a tour in the U.S.A, Mexico, Colombia and the Bahamas including shows at the famous Whisky a Go Go in L.A.